Maintenance of Roller Shutter Door

Importance of maintenance is to make the roller shutter door run smoothly and well maintained.

Ensure they are in good functional condition at all time as it is critical for safety and daily operation.

RAJA SHUTTERS provide long term maintenance, helping you to ensuring that your staff are always working in the
best safety environment.

Professional Scheduled Maintenance

  • Every 6 Months – Best Performs
  • Every 12 Months – Compulsory

What we do

Spring Roller Shutter Door

➢ Functionality of reversible motion, combine with the light weight advantage allowing the user to manually operating with roller shutter door hook.
➢ Slat thickness is 0.5mm.
➢ Generally, is used in shop lot, Stalls and restaurant

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Transparent Roller Shutter Door

➢ Serve as a security barrier
➢ Designed to provide to secure clear view to advertise your products
➢ Generally, used in bank and shop lot

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Heavy-Duty Roller Shutter Door

➢ This type of shutter best used in electrically operated – (Motorized System)
➢ Slat thickness range between 0.8mm to 1.2mm.
➢ Generally, is used in warehouse, factories & hypermarket.

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Aluminium Roller Shutter Door

➢ Can be operated manually and motorized
➢ Depends on customer needs
➢ Slat thickness range between 0.9mm – 1.0mm.
➢ Generally, used in office.

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See-Thru Roller Shutter Door

➢ Base material is made from alloy zincalume & aluminium-coated steel with the option of powder coated.
➢ Provide both ventilation & visibility under a security barrier.
➢ Slat thickness range between 0.6mm to 1.0mm
➢ Generally, is used in commercial shop lot.

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Repair and Services of Roller Shutter Door

➢ We offer roller shutter door maintenance services including repairing, installation and modify shutters for customers.
➢ It is a minor repair such as adjust alignment, spring tuning, check motor and wiring system which our technician will carry out the repair on the spot.

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